Like that Klondike Bar commercial

What would you do in pursuit of snacks? Recently I took a little roadtrip with three of my kids. On the way we stopped at a roadside rest station and the kids wanted snacks from the vending machine. I got Little Boy some Doritos and GG a Dr. Pepper. (Little Girl had remained in theContinue reading “Like that Klondike Bar commercial”

My fridge is melting

I don’t know why, but my refrigerator is melting. It’s been doing so gradually from the top. I tried googling, “Why is my fridge melting?” but I just ended up with a lot of information about things INSIDE the fridge melting, not about THE REFRIGERATOR ITSELF melting. So what did I do? Basically I ignoredContinue reading “My fridge is melting”

I’m still not the cool mom

I recently downloaded some old-school Taylor Swift to my Spotify playlist and I was listening to it and singing along when I picked up the twins from the middle school. In the passenger seat, Little Girl rolled her eyes and popped in her ear buds. In the back seat I could hear Little Boy tellingContinue reading “I’m still not the cool mom”