Bird in Da House

Just before midnight Saturday, I heard my kids yelling that something was flying around the living room. I figured it was just a bug, as usual, (“Just SQUISH it yourSELF!” I’m always yelling back; See my post on ineffective extermination methods.) but they were screaming a lot. “It’s BIG!” “It’s a BAT!” So I wentContinue reading “Bird in Da House”

Ineffective extermination methods

A Partial List of All the Wrong Ways To Kill Bugs: Deflection: Kid: “Mom!! Mom!! Mom!! There’s a bug; there’s a bug; THERE’S A BUG !!!(pause) Wait. It got away….” Defenestration: Him: “I scooped up this bug in a paper cup and put him outside.” Demoralization: Me, to a bug in the house: “Everyone hatesContinue reading “Ineffective extermination methods”

Like that Klondike Bar commercial

What would you do in pursuit of snacks? Recently I took a little roadtrip with three of my kids. On the way we stopped at a roadside rest station and the kids wanted snacks from the vending machine. I got Little Boy some Doritos and GG a Dr. Pepper. (Little Girl had remained in theContinue reading “Like that Klondike Bar commercial”