Like that Klondike Bar commercial

What would you do in pursuit of snacks? Recently I took a little roadtrip with three of my kids to see their oldest sister ET have her white-coat ceremony at veterinary school. On the way we stopped at a roadside rest station and the kids wanted snacks from the vending machine. I got Little BoyContinue reading “Like that Klondike Bar commercial”

My fridge is melting

I don’t know why, but my refrigerator is melting. It’s been doing so gradually from the top. I tried googling, “Why is my fridge melting?” but I just ended up with a lot of information about things INSIDE the fridge melting, not about THE REFRIGERATOR ITSELF melting. So what did I do? Basically I ignoredContinue reading “My fridge is melting”

I’m still not the cool mom

I recently downloaded some old-school Taylor Swift to my Spotify playlist and I was listening to it and singing along when I picked up the twins from the middle school. In the passenger seat, Little Girl rolled her eyes and popped in her ear buds. In the back seat I could hear Little Boy tellingContinue reading “I’m still not the cool mom”

Why is my phone so proud of itself?

I plug my phone in at night near my bed, and usually it’s been on low power mode by the evening since it’s been used all day. Then when gets up to 80% charge, it lights up excitedly, bragging about how CHARGED UP it is. Usually this is around midnight, which is when you definitelyContinue reading “Why is my phone so proud of itself?”