Bird in Da House

Just before midnight Saturday, I heard my kids yelling that something was flying around the living room.

I figured it was just a bug, as usual, (“Just SQUISH it yourSELF!” I’m always yelling back; See my post on ineffective extermination methods.) but they were screaming a lot. “It’s BIG!” “It’s a BAT!”

So I went in there and it was not a bat. It was a bird. A confused little bird was perched up high out of everyone’s reach.

How did it get in there? Maybe it came down the chimney (the fireplace doors were open) or maybe someone let it in accidentally (birds seem to enjoy coming in the garage). Who knows? In any case, we needed to get it OUT.

First of all, I shut all the doors to the living room so it couldn’t go to any other room. Then I opened the patio door to outside. Then all heck broke loose.

There followed a lot of screaming and running around and the bird flew from one corner of the room to the other.

My daughter GG was waving a broom around madly while I tried to catch the poor thing in a big bucket.

The twins simply screamed, and took photos.

Eventually, the bird got near the door and I tried switching the porchlight on and turning off all the indoor lights. Finally it flew out!

And the good news is, I only found ONE spot of bird poo it left behind.

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