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a humorous take on my distracted life as a stay-at-home mother and military wife

Kitty is at War

Cats are solitary animals. Our cat, who is named Bunny but we call him Kitty, is used to being the only cat in the house.  He is almost 12 years old and has ruled our house most of his life, and he likes it that way. Kitty received a bit of a shock a year orContinue reading “Kitty is at War”

My fridge is melting

I don’t know why, but my refrigerator is melting. It’s been doing so gradually from the top. I tried googling, “Why is my fridge melting?” but I just ended up with a lot of information about things INSIDE the fridge melting, not about THE REFRIGERATOR ITSELF melting. So what did I do? Basically I ignoredContinue reading “My fridge is melting”

I am SO Nerdy

I saw this shirt advertised as a designated Christmas gift for math teachers. I’m sorry, but this is bad math. If I were a math teacher and received this shirt, I would be horrified. I understand that the designer meant to reference the song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” specifically the line, “Fa lalalalalalalala.”Continue reading “I am SO Nerdy”

I read a lot

I was talking to Boo, who has just started college, on the phone one night. I told her I’d just finished reading a book. She said, “Is that another one of those books with the sad British kids on the cover?” And I had to admit that, yes, it was…. I really have been readingContinue reading “I read a lot”

I Hate Homework

Little Boy is in eighth grade right now. I saw that he had recently googled “Why does homework exist?” Although I understand these (honestly kind of preachy) answers given on Google, and of course I told my son that homework is good for him…. and he should DEFINITELY do his homework…. I don’t like homeworkContinue reading “I Hate Homework”

What’s your McDonald’s order?

I sent a group message to my husband and kids to ask what they wanted from McDonald’s. Their answers were pretty varied: I wasn’t able to get the secret to Ronald McDonald’s eternal youth, however….


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