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a humorous take on my distracted life as a stay-at-home mother and military wife

Ketchup Mouse

The other day I was getting some ketchup from my condiment drawer– What? You don’t have a condiment drawer? What do you do with your ketchup packets then? Anyways…. I noticed that all my ketchup packets had little holes, like something had been CHEWING on them. Could there be mice in the house? Oh surelyContinue reading “Ketchup Mouse”

3/1/20 vs 3/1/21

Last year at this time I would have laughed at the idea of wearing a mask to go out. The idea of “protective face masks” would have conjured up crazy images. This year…. I have a DESIGNATED MASK RACK in my laundry room. I guess this is progress…

Tik Tok Dump Cake

My oldest daughter, age 24. called me from her apartment and asked what I was doing. “I’m making a dump cake from a recipe I saw on Tik Tok,” I said. She paused. “I have a lot of problems with that sentence, Mom. For one thing, DUMP CAKE?! And remember, we’ve talked about how parentsContinue reading “Tik Tok Dump Cake”

I got new shoes…

…and they are ugly. My friends were telling me about these super comfortable shoes called “oofoos,” which honestly sounded made-up to me. I looked them up (Surprise! They are real!) and decided to try a pair. I have to tell you, these are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever tried on. And they are SOContinue reading “I got new shoes…”

Happy New Year 2021

On the first Sunday morning of the new year, I was going to church with my family. Right away we seemed to run into trouble. When we got there, the church building was shuttered and the parking lot empty. Apparently, the service was online only that day. You know, because of COVID. So we putContinue reading “Happy New Year 2021”

I guess I’m a kitten’s grandma

So, it’s been a year since my oldest daughter ET got married. Click for more information on that: ( She and her husband decided to go on a tip for their anniversary, and she asked me to come and babysit her kitten, Jellybean. She’s six months old and pretty cute. I figured this sounded likeContinue reading “I guess I’m a kitten’s grandma”


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