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a humorous take on my distracted life as a stay-at-home mother and military wife

My fridge is melting

I don’t know why, but my refrigerator is melting. It’s been doing so gradually from the top. I tried googling, “Why is my fridge melting?” but I just ended up with a lot of information about things INSIDE the fridge melting, not about THE REFRIGERATOR ITSELF melting. So what did I do? Basically I ignoredContinue reading “My fridge is melting”

I am SO Nerdy

I saw this shirt advertised as a designated Christmas gift for math teachers. I’m sorry, but this is bad math. If I were a math teacher and received this shirt, I would be horrified. I understand that the designer meant to reference the song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” specifically the line, “Fa lalalalalalalala.”Continue reading “I am SO Nerdy”

I read a lot

I was talking to Boo, who has just started college, on the phone one night. I told her I’d just finished reading a book. She said, “Is that another one of those books with the sad British kids on the cover?” And I had to admit that, yes, it was…. I really have been readingContinue reading “I read a lot”

I Hate Homework

Little Boy is in eighth grade right now. I saw that he had recently googled “Why does homework exist?” Although I understand these (honestly kind of preachy) answers given on Google, and of course I told my son that homework is good for him…. and he should DEFINITELY do his homework…. I don’t like homeworkContinue reading “I Hate Homework”

What’s your McDonald’s order?

I sent a group message to my husband and kids to ask what they wanted from McDonald’s. Their answers were pretty varied: I wasn’t able to get the secret to Ronald McDonald’s eternal youth, however….

Ketchup Mouse

The other day I was getting some ketchup from my condiment drawer– What? You don’t have a condiment drawer? What do you do with your ketchup packets then? Anyways…. I noticed that all my ketchup packets had little holes, like something had been CHEWING on them. Could there be mice in the house? Oh surelyContinue reading “Ketchup Mouse”

3/1/20 vs 3/1/21

Last year at this time I would have laughed at the idea of wearing a mask to go out. The idea of “protective face masks” would have conjured up crazy images. This year…. I have a DESIGNATED MASK RACK in my laundry room. I guess this is progress…


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