Doing a School Project with Kindergartners Part 2

If you remember, I recently wrote about the twins’ 100th Day project.

Here’s an inside look at the making of that project:

  • Me: Okay, so first you choose your paper to cut out.
  • Little Girl: I want this one!
  • Me: Oh that’s pretty. I like the blue flowers
  • Little Boy: I like this one!
  • Boo: You can’t choose that one. It’s pink!
  • Little Boy: (stubbornly) I like this one.
  • Boo: Everyone’s going to call you girly boy.
  • Me: He can choose what he wants, Boo.
  • Boo: (incredulous) But it’s PINK!
  • Little Boy: I like it.
  • Boo: Fine. I guess you want to be called girly boy then.
  • Me: (warningly) Boo.
  • Boo: Even Little Girl’s paper is less girly than THAT.
  • Me: That’s enough, Boo.
  • Boo: Whatever.
  • Little Boy: My flowers are going to be pretty!


Boo could not hide her contempt for her brother’s creation. Let’s hope it goes over all right with the kids at school….

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