It’s Hard to Be a Twin

The twins just celebrated their birthday last weekend. Twin birthday planning can be difficult, especially with boy/girl twins, because we need to have two different themes. Last year we did Frozen/Pokemon. Just try to make a unified-looking party with THAT combination. I was setting up the table decorations for this year’s party (Barbie/Mario themed) andContinue reading “It’s Hard to Be a Twin”

Trick or Treat

When the twins got back from trick-or-treating I immediately began inspecting their candy. I could have been looking for safety reasons, trying to find suspicious-looking things like unwrapped candies or (gasp!) home-made treats. I wasn’t, of course. Pawing through Little Girl’s plastic pumpkin, I asked, “Did you get anything good?” “Oh yes,” she said excitedly.Continue reading “Trick or Treat”

The ABC’s of My Trip

I just flew across the ocean with my kids. Twice. This is not the first time I’ve made this trip. Nor will it be the last, unfortunately. But this is the first time I’ve decided to make an illustrated alphabetical list about the trip. ENJOY. Little Girl was highly suspicious of the apple juice on the airplane. “Why isContinue reading “The ABC’s of My Trip”

A Conversation Between the Twins

Little Boy: Do you know the name of my best friend at school ? Little Girl: No.  Little Boy: It starts with a D. Duh duh duh… Little Girl: Dominick? Little Boy: No. Duh duh duh… Little Girl: Dustin? Little Boy: No. Duh duh duh… Little Girl: Just tell me.  Little Boy: Dakota.  Little Girl: Okay.  Little Boy: But I don’t think you would likeContinue reading “A Conversation Between the Twins”

This is Why We Don’t Go Shopping Very Often

I took the kids to “Bed Bath and Beyond” because GG (aged 14) wanted to buy a complicated hair straightening tool. I really don’t know why. Me: But you already HAVE a hair straightener. GG; It doesn’t work well enough. Me: And besides, your hair is already straight. GG; It isn’t straight ENOUGH. Me: Whatever.Continue reading “This is Why We Don’t Go Shopping Very Often”