Doing a School Project with Kindergartners

The twins have the hundredth day of kindergarten coming up, so they have to make a display of 100 objects to present to the class.

This means of course, TWO HUNDRED things for us.


I thought it would be fun to make paper flowers. The twins got excited about the idea and we ended up spending fifty bucks at the craft store.

This was in direct violation of the explicit and slightly patronizing page-long directions given to me by Little Boy’s teacher: “Please feel free to let your child be creative with their idea as long as the items are free or low cost and will not be a problem if lost.”

She also said, “This project should be done gradually between now and the due date. Gluing one hundred objects in one sitting at the last minute will be overwhelming for your child, so please help them begin to learn about working on a project gradually in manageable parts until it is done. Please plan ahead so glue has time to dry completely before sending the project to school.”

Um… Didn’t she know we always wait until the last minute for EVERYTHING? It’s part of our CULTURE in this family.

Funny Encouragement Ecard: Nothing makes me more productive than the last minute.

In any case, we have the project more than half-done now since they were so gung-ho about it last night.

So we’ll just wait until the night before it’s due to do the OTHER half…

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