The Doll No One Wants

My neighbor’s little girl got a Bratz doll for Christmas.

Unfortunately, her daughter is not allowed to play with Bratz dolls. You can look at the dolls and see why.

I mean, if you thought Barbies were sexist, check these girls out!  Ewwwww….

Anyways, my neighbor knows I’m more liberal in the toy department than she is (see my previous post about letting my son play with guns), so she asked me if she could pass the Bratz doll on to Little Girl.

Actually, what she said was, “You’re the only mom I know  in the neighborhood who actually lets her daughter play with Bratz, so do you guys want this doll?”

Hmm. That’s a dubious distinction. What do my neighbors really think of me?

Maybe Bratz aren’t the greatest toy on earth, but I really can’t get that worked up about it. I mean, seriously. Play is play. I just don’t think a plastic doll is going to corrupt my daughter’s morals. She’s FIVE.

But I digress.

Pretending I was perfectly comfortable with my label as Neighborhood Evil Mom, and in keeping with my motto to Never Turn Down Free Stuff,  I said, “Sure. we’ll take it.”

We called Little Girl over to show her the doll. “Here. Do you want this?” my neighbor asked her.


Little Girl took one look at it. “No,” she said.

Bratz. Apparently you can’t even GIVE ’em away.

2 thoughts on “The Doll No One Wants

  1. HA HA! I wasn’t sure if little girl was allowed to play with them or not. I just knew everybody else I asked weren’t allowed to. You were next on my list. 😉 I love that she said no though!


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