Sisters Reunited Part 2

I mentioned before that my teenage daughters have been expressing their affection for each other by fighting a lot. Here’s an example: We went out to eat at a nice restaurant with the kids and their grandparents. We had to ride in a small elevator from the parking garage. It was pretty crowded in theContinue reading “Sisters Reunited Part 2”

Sisters Reunited

My oldest daughter, ET, is  home for Christmas. (She has been going to school on the mainland.) Everyone is happy to see her, especially her closest sister, GG . Unfortunately, these two manifest their affection for each other by “play” fighting all over the house. It’s driving me crazy. I’m calmly reading a book inContinue reading “Sisters Reunited”

Moms are so embarrassing!

Everyone has a story about being embarrassed by their mother when they were younger. Some are worse than others, of course. (For a story about how I embarrassed my own teenager click here.) My personal embarrassing memories are pretty tame. For example, I was extremely mortified by my mother when I was in junior highContinue reading “Moms are so embarrassing!”