Playing Favorites

My oldest daughter ET (age 18) is going to school on the mainland. We hadn’t seen her since summer, so of course we were all glad when she was coming for Christmas vacation. Little Girl was particularly excited. “ET is my favorite sister!” she enthused. “Really?” I said. “Why is she your favorite?” “Probably because IContinue reading “Playing Favorites”

Sunday Morning Ain’t So Easy

Getting the kids to church on Sundays can be difficult. Making all four kids get up, get dressed, maybe eat something, and get in the car is hard enough. But the fifteen-minute car ride to the church has begun to be the worst part. The fighting has gotten so bad we have been taking two cars to church, justContinue reading “Sunday Morning Ain’t So Easy”

The ABC’s of My Trip

I just flew across the ocean with my kids. Twice. This is not the first time I’ve made this trip. Nor will it be the last, unfortunately. But this is the first time I’ve decided to make an illustrated alphabetical list about the trip. ENJOY. Little Girl was highly suspicious of the apple juice on the airplane. “Why isContinue reading “The ABC’s of My Trip”

Sisters Reunited Part 2

I mentioned before that my teenage daughters have been expressing their affection for each other by fighting a lot. Here’s an example: We went out to eat at a nice restaurant with the kids and their grandparents. We had to ride in a small elevator from the parking garage. It was pretty crowded in theContinue reading “Sisters Reunited Part 2”

Sisters Reunited

My oldest daughter, ET, is  home for Christmas. (She has been going to school on the mainland.) Everyone is happy to see her, especially her closest sister, GG . Unfortunately, these two manifest their affection for each other by “play” fighting all over the house. It’s driving me crazy. I’m calmly reading a book inContinue reading “Sisters Reunited”