This is Why We Don’t Go Shopping Very Often

I took the kids to “Bed Bath and Beyond” because GG (aged 14) wanted to buy a complicated hair straightening tool. I really don’t know why. Me: But you already HAVE a hair straightener. GG; It doesn’t work well enough. Me: And besides, your hair is already straight. GG; It isn’t straight ENOUGH. Me: Whatever.Continue reading “This is Why We Don’t Go Shopping Very Often”

A Cautionary Tale

I was at Victoria’s Secret getting my teenage daughters some bras and underwear. (They were quite modest ones. Really.) The twins were running around like crazy people, climbing under the display tables, jumping off pretty padded benches, and screaming “UNDIES!!” at the tops of their lungs. I looked around at all the beautiful airbrushed photosContinue reading “A Cautionary Tale”

Overheard in the commisary

I was walking past the baked goods, trying to avert my eyes from the Little Debbie cakes, when I heard a child say in an awed voice, “Yay! White doughnuts!” Her father answered succinctly, “No.” The child was quick to clarify. “I wasn’t asking for them. I was just saying, Yay.” This made me laugh.Continue reading “Overheard in the commisary”