We have reached 100 days!

Yesterday was the hundredth day of kindergarten and the twins were very excited. We’d finished their projects over the weekend, so I went ahead and sent the display boards in to school on Monday. In Little Girl’s class, her teacher said, “Oh wow! You brought your project a day early! Good job. Why don’t youContinue reading “We have reached 100 days!”

Doing a School Project with Kindergartners Part 2

If you remember, I recently wrote about the twins’ 100th Day project. Here’s an inside look at the making of that project: Me: Okay, so first you choose your paper to cut out. Little Girl: I want this one! Me: Oh that’s pretty. I like the blue flowers Little Boy: I like this one! Boo: You can’tContinue reading “Doing a School Project with Kindergartners Part 2”

Doing a School Project with Kindergartners

The twins have the hundredth day of kindergarten coming up, so they have to make a display of 100 objects to present to the class. This means of course, TWO HUNDRED things for us. I thought it would be fun to make paper flowers. The twins got excited about the idea and we ended upContinue reading “Doing a School Project with Kindergartners”

This title is misleading

I just clicked on “Five Reasons Why We Don’t Homeschool,” and was incredibly disappointed to find out…. …it was written by a homeschool mom. And it was all about how AWESOME it is to homeschool. WHAT?!? If I wrote a post called “Reasons I Don’t Homeschool” it would say: 1. Because I want my kidsContinue reading “This title is misleading”

Dodged that one! SCORE!

We went to the fall festival at the elementary school over the weekend. <<< Here’s Little Boy playing “product placement” at the fair. After this event last year, I got stuck with a couple of goldfish. (Read that story here if you’re interested.) I wasn’t about to let that happen again this year. The twinsContinue reading “Dodged that one! SCORE!”

How to liven up homework time

It’s quite a talent, but Little Girl actually managed to use her homework to insult her siblings.  <<< Here she is snickering to herself about it. The teacher wanted her to write and draw pictures about the beginning, middle, and end of her day. Since her day includes lots of siblings, she saw an opportunity.Continue reading “How to liven up homework time”