A Valentine’s Dinner Conversation

My husband and I went out to dinner last weekend. Like everyone else on earth, apparently. I thought if we went the day AFTER Valentine’s we would miss the crowd, so we waited until Saturday night. There was over an hour wait for a table, so I guess the crowd was still there. Here’s aContinue reading “A Valentine’s Dinner Conversation”

Having it your way?

I wrote this for a Facebook status, but I didn’t include the strangest part. After the man finished getting dressed in the parking lot, he went inside TO WORK. Yes indeed, he’d been getting his Burger King uniform on in full view of the lunch-rush drive-thru line at said restaurant. By the way, witnessing thatContinue reading “Having it your way?”

Why you don’t want to take me out to lunch

I went out to lunch with a friend recently. Unfortunately, the twins were out of school, so I had to drag them along. My friend was very gracious about this, and refrained from comment as Little Girl jumped all over the seat, exposed her underwear to a neighboring table, and wondered aloud why her gourmetContinue reading “Why you don’t want to take me out to lunch”