How’s the weather in Hawaii?

The short answer: It’s always almost exactly the same. Every day. All year. In fact, here’s the weather chart from the preschool at church: As you can see, we have TWO weather choices here: Rainy and Sunny. I seem to remember from my own preschool/kindergarten days that our weather chart was an entire WHEEL withContinue reading “How’s the weather in Hawaii?”

Small but Interesting Critters

We live in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. It’s a tropical paradise, teeming with life, but you’d be surprised at some of the animals we don’t have here. For one thing, there are no snakes in Hawaii. Also there are no squirrels. Weird, right? ¬†And there is no rabies virus, but there are strictContinue reading “Small but Interesting Critters”

I’m not crazy. It just appears that way.

I was walking into the convenience store here on post for a couple of things and I saw a centipede on the ground in the parking lot. I’ve mentioned the centipedes in Hawaii before. They are PURE EVIL. I hate them. These bugs lie there looking completely disgusting with their nasty little millions of legsContinue reading “I’m not crazy. It just appears that way.”