Cheez-its on the Airplane

I just got back from a month-long trip that involved approximately twenty-four hours of airplane travel. More about that later. But here’s a quick story for now: We were on a (relatively short) two-hour early-morning leg of our trip and I was passing out snacks to my kids. I listed the possibilities that were inContinue reading “Cheez-its on the Airplane”

How to tell that you’ve been eating at McDonald’s too often

I picked up Happy Meals for the twins in the drive-thru and passed the food to the backseat while driving to keep them quiet for five minutes. What, like YOU’VE never done that?! Little Boy opened his and exclaimed: “Awww, a FART GUN?! We already¬†HAVE a fart gun.” Sometimes you look at your kids andContinue reading “How to tell that you’ve been eating at McDonald’s too often”