The best chocolate cake ever

I made chocolate cake for my book club meeting. My friend Renita gave me the recipe. She said it was called “Better-Than-Sex Chocolate Cake.” I’ll call it Renita’s Cake. We have to keep our “G” ratings around here. When I first tried the cake, I was suspicious, because it doesn’t have any icing. I don’tContinue reading “The best chocolate cake ever”

Overheard in the commisary

I was walking past the baked goods, trying to avert my eyes from the Little Debbie cakes, when I heard a child say in an awed voice, “Yay! White doughnuts!” Her father answered succinctly, “No.” The child was quick to clarify. “I wasn’t asking for them. I was just saying, Yay.” This made me laugh.Continue reading “Overheard in the commisary”