(Trying to) Have a Nice Dinner

A friend of mine made a bunch of these cool candle holders from “sparkling-cider” bottles for a ladies’ lunch with an Italian food theme. After the lunch was over, she said they were up for grabs, so I took a pair. I think they are very beautiful, reminiscent of red-checked-tableclothed restaurants and violin trios playing.Continue reading “(Trying to) Have a Nice Dinner”

Halloween Decorations

We received an email for our neighborhood association about Halloween decor: “We encourage families to decorate their homes and yards for the upcoming Trick or Treat night; however, we also ask that your decorations be in good taste and not inappropriate (over-the- top gory and horrific). Remember we are a Family Neighborhood Community.┬áPlease decorate withinContinue reading “Halloween Decorations”

Decor in the Twins’ Room

We took off the twins’ closet door, and I hung up a curtain over the opening instead. The curtain is made of both Princess AND Transformers fabric, in order to accommodate both twins’ tastes. This makes things easier for the arrangement of furniture, and also makes the room safer. After all, Little Girl cut herContinue reading “Decor in the Twins’ Room”