How (not) to write a successful Blog Post

1. Think of a great idea. The best time for this is right before going to sleep. There are lots of ideas hanging around in your head, ready to pop up as soon as you lie down. 2. DON’T write down your idea. Instead, just think about it. Let it run around in your head. 3.Continue reading “How (not) to write a successful Blog Post”

This title is misleading

I just clicked on “Five Reasons Why We Don’t Homeschool,” and was incredibly disappointed to find out…. …it was written by a homeschool mom. And it was all about how AWESOME it is to homeschool. WHAT?!? If I wrote a post called “Reasons I Don’t Homeschool” it would say: 1. Because I want my kidsContinue reading “This title is misleading”

I’ll take entertainment wherever I can

I’ve started amusing myself by responding to my fake commentators. Only the ones in English, of course. As for the twenty or thirty comments a day I am receiving written in Japanese and Italian– I’m just marking those as “spam” and trashing them. So here’s a few sample comments and replies: Them: Just break up? CanContinue reading “I’ll take entertainment wherever I can”