A Post-Christmas Road Trip

This Christmas we enjoyed being closer to family, just as we did over Thanksgiving weekend.  I enjoyed having all of my kids together for the holiday. We had fun. Our two college-aged daughters came to stay for Christmas here in Georgia, and then we planned to all go to visit my parents and in-laws inContinue reading “A Post-Christmas Road Trip”

Oversharing in the Airport

We were going through the airport security checkpoint on our way back from visiting relatives for the summer when my bag was picked for extra inspection. I suppose it looked suspicious because it was crammed so full of stuff. The TSA agents dug through my backpack, randomly swabbing various items to test for bomb residueContinue reading “Oversharing in the Airport”

An Alaskan Holiday Weekend

We just spent our first Thanksgiving weekend in Alaska. It was different. For one thing, it’s getting darker and darker here. I have seen the sun rise more times in the last few months than I have in my whole life I think. Here’s a lovely sunrise I photographed on Friday. AT TEN-FIFTEEN A.M.! Also it was snowing like crazy on Thanksgiving. In the week leading up to the holiday,Continue reading “An Alaskan Holiday Weekend”

The ABC’s of My Trip

I just flew across the ocean with my kids. Twice. This is not the first time I’ve made this trip. Nor will it be the last, unfortunately. But this is the first time I’ve decided to make an illustrated alphabetical list about the trip. ENJOY. Little Girl was highly suspicious of the apple juice on the airplane. “Why isContinue reading “The ABC’s of My Trip”

Cheez-its on the Airplane

I just got back from a month-long trip that involved approximately twenty-four hours of airplane travel. More about that later. But here’s a quick story for now: We were on a (relatively short) two-hour early-morning leg of our trip and I was passing out snacks to my kids. I listed the possibilities that were inContinue reading “Cheez-its on the Airplane”