A Disappointing Letter

We are still receiving Christmas cards, although it is late January. Not that I’m complaining; I love Christmas cards! I also have a fun way of preserving cards every year. (Click here if you’re interested in that craft idea.) So, the more cards, the better, in general. This particular Christmas card was forwarded from ourContinue reading “A Disappointing Letter”

A Post-Christmas Road Trip

This Christmas we enjoyed being closer to family, just as we did over Thanksgiving weekend.  I enjoyed having all of my kids together for the holiday. We had fun. Our two college-aged daughters came to stay for Christmas here in Georgia, and then we planned to all go to visit my parents and in-laws inContinue reading “A Post-Christmas Road Trip”

The Mommy Medal– Birthday Edition

I have mentioned before that I think I deserve a mommy medal for some of the things I have done. But the twins’ birthday party has really turned Mommy Medaling into an Olympic event. Having a boy/girl twins who want to be able to have a sleepover party makes a huge logistical problem. This meansContinue reading “The Mommy Medal– Birthday Edition”