Decor in the Twins’ Room

We took off the twins’ closet door, and I hung up a curtain over the opening instead. The curtain is made of both Princess AND Transformers fabric, in order to accommodate both twins’ tastes. This makes things easier for the arrangement of furniture, and also makes the room safer. After all, Little Girl cut herContinue reading “Decor in the Twins’ Room”

The Story of the Yellow String

Little Girl had a friend from the neighborhood (R) come to play at the house after school. They ran ahead of me from the playground to the house, and when I arrived they showed me the treasure they’d found on the way. Oh hurray. A giant tangled ball of yellow string. Both girls were yellingContinue reading “The Story of the Yellow String”

Dolphins and Penguins and Sharks, Oh My!

Over the weekend we went to Sea Life Park, which is here on O’ahu. (My friend had discount passes. Score!) I had heard it was not as nice as bigger parks like Sea World in Florida but I was pleasantly surprised. It was small but there were a lot of nice animals to see. PlusContinue reading “Dolphins and Penguins and Sharks, Oh My!”

How to tell that you’ve been eating at McDonald’s too often

I picked up Happy Meals for the twins in the drive-thru and passed the food to the backseat while driving to keep them quiet for five minutes. What, like YOU’VE never done that?! Little Boy opened his and exclaimed: “Awww, a FART GUN?! We already¬†HAVE a fart gun.” Sometimes you look at your kids andContinue reading “How to tell that you’ve been eating at McDonald’s too often”