How to liven up homework time

It’s quite a talent, but Little Girl actually managed to use her homework to insult her siblings.  <<< Here she is snickering to herself about it. The teacher wanted her to write and draw pictures about the beginning, middle, and end of her day. Since her day includes lots of siblings, she saw an opportunity.Continue reading “How to liven up homework time”

Why you don’t want to take me out to lunch

I went out to lunch with a friend recently. Unfortunately, the twins were out of school, so I had to drag them along. My friend was very gracious about this, and refrained from comment as Little Girl jumped all over the seat, exposed her underwear to a neighboring table, and wondered aloud why her gourmetContinue reading “Why you don’t want to take me out to lunch”

As if I weren’t already crazy

Little Girl, my five-year-old, was eating a soft taco from Taco Bell in front of the TV. (No one can say I don’t feed my kids the best around here!) While I wasn’t looking, she started picking off the shredded lettuce and tossing it, piece by piece, on the living room floor. It’s like sheContinue reading “As if I weren’t already crazy”