We have reached 100 days!

Yesterday was the hundredth day of kindergarten and the twins were very excited. We’d finished their projects over the weekend, so I went ahead and sent the display boards in to school on Monday. In Little Girl’s class, her teacher said, “Oh wow! You brought your project a day early! Good job. Why don’t youContinue reading “We have reached 100 days!”

Doing a School Project with Kindergartners Part 2

If you remember, I recently wrote about the twins’ 100th Day project. Here’s an inside look at the making of that project: Me: Okay, so first you choose your paper to cut out. Little Girl: I want this one! Me: Oh that’s pretty. I like the blue flowers Little Boy: I like this one! Boo: You can’tContinue reading “Doing a School Project with Kindergartners Part 2”

Doing a School Project with Kindergartners

The twins have the hundredth day of kindergarten coming up, so they have to make a display of 100 objects to present to the class. This means of course, TWO HUNDRED things for us. I thought it would be fun to make paper flowers. The twins got excited about the idea and we ended upContinue reading “Doing a School Project with Kindergartners”

The Doll No One Wants

My neighbor’s little girl got a Bratz doll for Christmas. Unfortunately, her daughter is not allowed to play with Bratz dolls. You can look at the dolls and see why. I mean, if you thought Barbies were sexist, check these girls out!  Ewwwww…. Anyways, my neighbor knows I’m more liberal in the toy department thanContinue reading “The Doll No One Wants”

Sisters Reunited Part 2

I mentioned before that my teenage daughters have been expressing their affection for each other by fighting a lot. Here’s an example: We went out to eat at a nice restaurant with the kids and their grandparents. We had to ride in a small elevator from the parking garage. It was pretty crowded in theContinue reading “Sisters Reunited Part 2”

Sisters Reunited

My oldest daughter, ET, is  home for Christmas. (She has been going to school on the mainland.) Everyone is happy to see her, especially her closest sister, GG . Unfortunately, these two manifest their affection for each other by “play” fighting all over the house. It’s driving me crazy. I’m calmly reading a book inContinue reading “Sisters Reunited”

Stuff I didn’t buy for Christmas

Here’s some toys my daughter won’t be getting this Christmas: #1. Press-on nails for little girls Mostly because at first glance it looks like it says “Call Girl Fingers.” #2. A babydoll that says, “Oops! I made a stinky!” Yes. This really exists. I laughed out loud in the toy aisle of WalMart. #3. AnyContinue reading “Stuff I didn’t buy for Christmas”