Things I tried to do over Christmas break

If you are familiar with Star Wars quotes, you know what Yoda says about “trying.” Well Yoda, I beg to differ. Sometimes, especially as  a mom, all you CAN do is try. Here are some things I tried to do recently, with varying degrees of success: I tried to have a telephone conversation while allContinue reading “Things I tried to do over Christmas break”

What to do with Christmas cards after the holidays?

I save photo cards after Christmas and make holiday place-mats with them. My grandmother actually did this years ago and we used to LOVE looking at Christmas 1965 or whatever underneath our plates. (Oh look! There’s Aunt Jodie strangling the cat in front of the Christmas tree!!) My own kids love it too. I haveContinue reading “What to do with Christmas cards after the holidays?”

I read a scary book

I realize this doesn’t look like a scary book. But that’s because it’s specifically designed to frighten ME personally. (The book is Calling Invisible Women by Jeanne Ray.) In this story the protagonist, a doctor’s wife and mother of nearly-grown children, suddenly turns invisible. And no one in her family notices.  As long as theyContinue reading “I read a scary book”