Our Moving Adventure: In The Middle

We are in the transition phase of our move right now, between houses. Or, putting it less charitably, we’re currently homeless. Therefore we are bumming off of– I mean visiting –relatives in Alabama.  We had some trouble getting our orders processed back in Hawaii. (That’s a long and boring story that boils down to: the ArmyContinue reading “Our Moving Adventure: In The Middle”

Organize Your Junk Drawer?

I spent several hours organizing my “junk drawers.” (Yes, I have TWO in this house.) They were a mess. How long has it been since they were sorted? Well… I found this actual canister of FILM. How long has it been since you’ve seen one of these? There’s no before picture. I’m just too embarrassed. ButContinue reading “Organize Your Junk Drawer?”

(Trying to) Have a Nice Dinner

A friend of mine made a bunch of these cool candle holders from “sparkling-cider” bottles for a ladies’ lunch with an Italian food theme. After the lunch was over, she said they were up for grabs, so I took a pair. I think they are very beautiful, reminiscent of red-checked-tableclothed restaurants and violin trios playing.Continue reading “(Trying to) Have a Nice Dinner”

Zumba tried to kill me. (But my family didn’t help much either.)

So I went to my first ever Zumba class yesterday. I know, I know. I’m behind the times. Zumba has been popular for the last 10-15 years. But I am slow. A fact that was driven home to me most forcefully during a high-energy exercise class with about fifty women in a mirrored room. I lookedContinue reading “Zumba tried to kill me. (But my family didn’t help much either.)”

My dishwasher has been disabled by ants

Recently I noticed an invasion of ants in my dishwasher. I’ve never seen this before. I thought dishwashers were supposed to be clean! I called an exterminator. He seemed unsurprised. He said dishwasher are a great place for ants to hang out, full of water and tiny bits of food. Ew. He set up poisonContinue reading “My dishwasher has been disabled by ants”