Getting in the Christmas Spirit

It’s Christmas time again, and I’ve been enjoying listing to holiday music in my car. I find it quite festive! (My husband and teenage daughters disagree. Scrooges.)  Click here to see last year’s crushing of the Christmas song. This year is my first Christmas in Alaska, so it’s a new experience; it seems so much moreContinue reading “Getting in the Christmas Spirit”

Learning what COLD really means

It’s winter in Alaska now, and that means it’s getting cold. Of course, I knew that it would get cold. I just didn’t know what cold really WAS, apparently. Because it is really getting cold. Really REALLY cold. I dropped the kids off at school Tuesday and it was only 2 degrees! I took a pictureContinue reading “Learning what COLD really means”

The Joys of Home Ownership

After renting for the past ten years, my husband and I are enjoying the benefits of owning our own home. In other words, STUFF KEEPS BREAKING. Here is the latest: A mysterious fridge leak that has gone undetected for who-knows-how-long. Ugh.   I’m in the process of fixing the water-damaged wall; my husband is fixingContinue reading “The Joys of Home Ownership”

We survived our first Alaskan power outage

One of the things I was really concerned about upon moving to Alaska was the idea of power outages. Since I knew we were going to be living in a place where the weather is cold enough to be actively life-threatening the majority of the year, therefore making electricity even more essential, I asked around ifContinue reading “We survived our first Alaskan power outage”

Can’t you just take care of it?

I may have mentioned that I left my husband behind in Hawaii to deal with the whole process of moving by himself while I larked off with the kids to visit the family and have a relaxing vacation. Oh yeah. Score! Anyways, I keep thinking of things I forgot to tell him to do (usually at midnight) andContinue reading “Can’t you just take care of it?”