It finally got a little cold in Georgia

I just put on the heat for the first time this year yesterday. When I did I smelled that weird burned smell that it makes when you first turn on the heater after it has been off all summer. Do you know that smell? I recognized it immediately, actually. I don’t know if it’s onlyContinue reading “It finally got a little cold in Georgia”

What’s your (un)favorite animal?

I like animals. Or, more accurately, I like the IDEA of animals. I don’t really like the trouble of taking care of, or the mess of cleaning up after, actual, real animals. Particularly dogs. I’m not what you might call a “dog person.” And NO, that does not make me EVIL. I don’t understand whyContinue reading “What’s your (un)favorite animal?”

Moving to Georgia–Still a Hot Mess

After unpacking all those boxes, I thought I’d finished with moving troubles. We took a little trip to visit the family┬áin the car. (I emphasize the mode of transport because for nine years we have lived in places where we could not visit anyone without an arduous overnight plane voyage. {Click here for more onContinue reading “Moving to Georgia–Still a Hot Mess”