Moms are so embarrassing!

Everyone has a story about being embarrassed by their mother when they were younger. Some are worse than others, of course. (For a story about how I embarrassed my own teenager click here.) My personal embarrassing memories are pretty tame. For example, I was extremely mortified by my mother when I was in junior highContinue reading “Moms are so embarrassing!”

Dolphins and Penguins and Sharks, Oh My!

Over the weekend we went to Sea Life Park, which is here on O’ahu. (My friend had discount passes. Score!) I had heard it was not as nice as bigger parks like Sea World in Florida but I was pleasantly surprised. It was small but there were a lot of nice animals to see. PlusContinue reading “Dolphins and Penguins and Sharks, Oh My!”

How to tell that you’ve been eating at McDonald’s too often

I picked up Happy Meals for the twins in the drive-thru and passed the food to the backseat while driving to keep them quiet for five minutes. What, like YOU’VE never done that?! Little Boy opened his and exclaimed: “Awww, a FART GUN?! We already¬†HAVE a fart gun.” Sometimes you look at your kids andContinue reading “How to tell that you’ve been eating at McDonald’s too often”