As if I weren’t already crazy

Little Girl, my five-year-old, was eating a soft taco from Taco Bell in front of the TV. (No one can say I don’t feed my kids the best around here!) While I wasn’t looking, she started picking off the shredded lettuce and tossing it, piece by piece, on the living room floor. It’s like sheContinue reading “As if I weren’t already crazy”

Decor in the Twins’ Room

We took off the twins’ closet door, and I hung up a curtain over the opening instead. The curtain is made of both Princess AND Transformers fabric, in order to accommodate both twins’ tastes. This makes things easier for the arrangement of furniture, and also makes the room safer. After all, Little Girl cut herContinue reading “Decor in the Twins’ Room”

The Story of the Yellow String

Little Girl had a friend from the neighborhood (R) come to play at the house after school. They ran ahead of me from the playground to the house, and when I arrived they showed me the treasure they’d found on the way. Oh hurray. A giant tangled ball of yellow string. Both girls were yellingContinue reading “The Story of the Yellow String”

Apricot and Mustard Chicken

┬áThis is another recipe (slightly modified) from “Simple and Delicious” magazine. It was super-quick, especially served with canned green beans and boxed pasta. (Pasta Roni Angel Hair with Herbs flavor, if you’re interested.) My favorite kind of meals start with “canned” and “boxed.” But I digress. RECIPE 6 chicken tenderloins 1/3 cup honey mustard 3TbspContinue reading “Apricot and Mustard Chicken”

Back From Death’s Door

I’ve been sick all weekend. And by the above title, I do not mean I was “Knock-Knock-Knockin on Heaven’s Door.” It’s more like, “Scratching Helplessly at the Doggie-Door of Death.” I don’t get sick often, although it’s interesting to note I got sick at this same time last year. (To read that heart-warming story clickContinue reading “Back From Death’s Door”

Overheard in the commisary

I was walking past the baked goods, trying to avert my eyes from the Little Debbie cakes, when I heard a child say in an awed voice, “Yay! White doughnuts!” Her father answered succinctly, “No.” The child was quick to clarify. “I wasn’t asking for them. I was just saying, Yay.” This made me laugh.Continue reading “Overheard in the commisary”