Don’t press that button

My oldest daughter ET is in her fourth year of veterinary school.

Although she does go to class in person, a lot of her school work is still online. Therefore when her laptop wasn’t working, she took it into the school IT department for repair.

While there, she had to wait in front of a counter for a long time while the IT guy looked at her computer, and on the counter was Jar Jar Binks.

That’s right. The IT office has a big figurine of the the most hated character from Star Wars Episode One sitting front and center on the counter, staring her in the face. And the figurine had a button on it that simply cried out to be pressed.

ET stood there for almost half an hour, NOT PRESSING the button. Then, the IT guy went out of sight to the back room, and the receptionist went to the restroom. Briefly the office was deserted.

The button called its siren song, and with no one looking, ET succumbed to temptation and pressed it.

Immediately Jar Jar began to dance and sing. LOUDLY.

The song was so loud that it was obviously audible everywhere in the building, including in the restroom and the back room.

The receptionist emerged and glared at ET as Jar Jar continued to sing his ear-splittingly loud and VERY LONG song.

The IT guy, looking supremely unamused, came out of the back as Jar Jar finally wound the song up with a big finale.

“I really hate that song,” said the IT guy. “You just had to press the button, huh?”

Sheepishly ET shrugged. “I resisted a really long time…”

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