My fridge is melting

I don’t know why, but my refrigerator is melting.

It’s been doing so gradually from the top. I tried googling, “Why is my fridge melting?” but I just ended up with a lot of information about things INSIDE the fridge melting, not about THE REFRIGERATOR ITSELF melting.

So what did I do? Basically I ignored it until my husband noticed, and then told him to figure out how to fix it.

Here’s the weird thing: HE DID!

Apparently the problem is from the things stored on top of the fridge. I keep medicines, cat food, and sunscreen up there. None of those things was the problem, but something that goes along with sunscreen is insect repellant.

So the DEET in insect repellant is a solvent, and it was dripping from an overturned bottle on the top of the fridge and melting the rubber seal in the fridge door.

He moved the bottle of repellant, cleaned up the mess, and solved the problem.

So if you ever find your fridge melting, remember this, I guess….

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