Ketchup Mouse

The other day I was getting some ketchup from my condiment drawer–

What? You don’t have a condiment drawer? What do you do with your ketchup packets then?

Anyways…. I noticed that all my ketchup packets had little holes, like something had been CHEWING on them.

Could there be mice in the house? Oh surely not!

We have not one, but TWO cats in the house! How could a mouse dare to come and nibble my ketchup packets? I showed my husband, and he bought a mousetrap.

I threw away the condiments and set a trap in the drawer…

The next morning, my husband checked the drawer and sent me this:

Goodbye, Ketchup Mouse…

One thought on “Ketchup Mouse

  1. Oh, IDK, cats can only catch what they can reach. I would look for a hole or crack that affords mice a direct path to the cabinet without passing through open kitchen space. Supposedly mice can get through any space through which light can also pass. And I’m willing to wager that you have more than one mouse.


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