I guess I’m a kitten’s grandma

So, it’s been a year since my oldest daughter ET got married.

Click for more information on that: (https://christinakosatka.wordpress.com/2019/12/19/so-now-im-a-mother-in-law/)

She and her husband decided to go on a trip for their anniversary, and she asked me to come and babysit her kitten, Jellybean.

She’s six months old and pretty cute.

I figured this sounded like a pretty easy gig: I sit around the apartment for a few days, read and watch TV, and feed the cat occasionally.

But then I arrived and saw the LIST of instructions she had left about caring for the kitten.

It was a full page long. No lie.

Anyways, Jellybean was perfectly fine when ET came back. But then after I got home, I received a phone call.

  • ET: Mom, on the list I specifically said not to let Jellybean mess with the Christmas tree.
  • Me: Yeah…
  • ET: So, I can see that she made a NEST in the tree where she’s been sitting.
  • Me: But she LIKES the tree.
  • ET: It was on the LIST, Mom.
  • Me: She just kept going in there. And I didn’t want to spray her with the water.
  • ET: Mom. Seriously?

But hey, the cat was alive when she came back, right? And when I babysit, it’s Grandma Rules!

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