Homeschooling (Quarantine Style) Continues

Me: Have you finished your online schoolwork? Little Girl: Yes. Maury Povitch: Mom’s check on your google classroom proves…. that was a lie! Me: (scanning in a completed worksheet called “Canada Facts Fun Sheet” for the twins) Boo: What’s that? It says fun sheet. Is it really fun? Me: No. Absolutely not. Kids: I thoughtContinue reading “Homeschooling (Quarantine Style) Continues”

I am NOT a homeschool mom

Let me say that again: I am not a homeschool mom. BUT…. They cancelled my kids’ school. They cancelled EVERYONE’S kids’ school, in fact. So now, I guess, we are ALL going to be homeschool moms. I’ve been hoping that this whole thing is an elaborate April Fool’s joke, but I guess not. It’s AprilContinue reading “I am NOT a homeschool mom”