Middle School: The Drama Continues

A little while back I wrote about a secret admirer note that Little Boy received in his locker. (It was addressed some guy called Hugh.)

To read that story click here: http://christinakosatka.com/?p=1968

Well, today he found another note for the same kid!! And this note is in different handwriting, so it’s not from the same girl.

I had this translated for me, by the way, so here is the text:

“Hi, I kind of like you. (Blushing smiley-face) Note: I know you have a girlfriend; people told me. (Crying tears emoji). To: Hugh From: ?”

OK, so we have: Secret Admirer #1 from before, Secret Admirer #2 here, AND a Girlfriend?!?!

Well, well, well, Mr. Hugh! I think I need to get a look at this little lady-killer.

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