The Chocolate Cake

They had a silent auction at the church to raise money for missions.

Little Girl (age 8) saw a chocolate cake that she wanted me to bid on. 


I went over there and saw someone had already bid $10. Before I could do anything, a friend bid $20. I hesitated, not wanting to outbid someone I know.

Little Girl came over to check on the cake, looked at the sheet, and advised me to bid $50.

She really REALLY wanted that cake!

I wrote $25, and of course my friend caught me outbidding her and said something.

I blamed it on my kid.

Then I went to sit down, figuring she might go back and outbid me. But Little Girl stayed by the auction table and guarded that cake.

When anyone came over to look at the cake, she gave them the stinkeye. Everyone gave her a wide berth.


Well. Due to my daughter’s thuggish intimidation tactics, I won the cake. For $25.

She was ecstatic.

We took it home and immediately cut it. Little Girl was in heaven.

Then my husband tried a piece.


“It’s pretty good,” he said. “How much did you pay for it?”

“$25” said Little Girl proudly.

“Hmm,” he said, chewing and swallowing again. “I’d say it’s about an $18 cake. We’ll consider that additional $7 a donation I guess.”

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