The Coin Toss

Little Boy (age 7) found a Mardi Gras coin and began tossing it around the living room.

This was a shiny, over-sized coin of made of some kind of plasticky-metallic-I’m-not-sure-what.


For some reason, this thing was making the most annoying sound ever when it hit the floor. It was like a clicky-clack-claTTER-CLANGGGG!!!



And then he’d look for where the coin had fallen, pick it up and toss it again. 


clicky-clack-claTTER-CLANGGGG!!! Toss. clicky-clack-claTTER-CLANGGGG!!! Toss. clicky-clack-claTTER-CLANGGGG!!!


This was driving me bonkers. I don’t know why exactly.

You know how sometimes your kid can just do something that seems perfectly innocuous when you look at it logically, but in the moment when they are doing it you’re just like I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!?

Yeah. It was like that.


Toss. clicky-clack-claTTER-CLANGGGG!!! Toss. clicky-clack-claTTER-CLANGGGG!!! Toss. clicky-clack-claTTER-CLANGGGG!!!

I was trying to ignore the noise as best I could, but it was killing me.

Suddenly the coin fell next to my foot.


While my son’s back was turned, I slipped my foot over it, hiding the horrid thing from view.


Finally! Silence!

Note of Honesty: This is a very satisfying ending, and in the interests of hopeful parents everywhere, I’d like to leave it there. But, of course, we know realistically that such a silence was never meant to last. In truth, it wasn’t long before the kid had pried up my foot and found the coin.

I’m thinking about buying earplugs……

2 thoughts on “The Coin Toss

  1. Hey, Christy! This is a really cool blog! It sort of reminds me of Tim Urban’s Wait But (except your drawings are more expressive!). Keep it up!

    -Andy Lawrence
    La Vergne, TN


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