Postcards from the break

postcardDuring Christmas break, Little Boy (he’s in second grade) got a postcard from his teacher.

I thought it was adorable.

He was so excited to get mail. I was impressed that she took time to send out notes and act like she missed the kids during the break.

After the first day back to school, however, I discovered that there had been a homework question in the note, and he had been meant to have the answer when he went back to school!


Now that is a sneaky teacher trick.

So of course the students with good mommies who had read their kids’ notes had the answer ready.

But not my kid, of course. I feel I’ve been once again labeled Slacker Mom.

Little Boy delivering FUN in the mail!
Little Boy delivering FUN in the mail!

Still, I have a sound defense:

The U.S. Mail is private! It’s the LAW!

I don’t read other people’s postcards.

I’m not a slacker; I’m ethical!

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