Quoth the Raven

There are a lot of ravens in Alaska, apparently. When I first saw them, I thought they were crows, but they are much bigger.

Seriously, these things are the size of housecats! Here’s a chart to tell the difference between ravens and crows:

image from http://alyzenmoonshadow.com

Apparently they are very smart birds; they can solve simple puzzles and even learn to talk. 

The weird thing is: the ravens are still here, right now, in the dead of winter.

I feel like catching one and demanding, “Do you SEE all this snow? Aren’t you a bird?! Shouldn’t you have flown south months ago?”

But they don’t go anywhere. They don’t seem to mind the cold, and food is no problem, I guess. As carrion eaters, their main source of food is garbage.

While there aren’t as many dead things lying around to eat in the wintertime, there is plenty of trash, thanks to all the humans around here. It’s kind of unnerving, though, to see these beautiful black birds dumpster-diving all over the place.

Those ravens will eat anything.

Recently my husband was in Wal-Mart and heard an announcement over the loudspeaker. “If you are the owner of a black Ford truck with this license number, be aware that the ravens are eating your groceries right now.”

Ew. Smart birds, indeed.


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