An Alaskan Holiday Weekend

We just spent our first Thanksgiving weekend in Alaska. It was different. For one thing, it’s getting darker and darker here. I have seen the sun rise more times in the last few months than I have in my whole life I think. Here’s a lovely sunrise I photographed on Friday. AT TEN-FIFTEEN A.M.! Also it was snowing like crazy on Thanksgiving. In the week leading up to the holiday,Continue reading “An Alaskan Holiday Weekend”

Winter: Beautiful and Dangerous!

I’ve been taking some nice scenery pictures recently. Winter in Alaska is really beautiful. I posted a picture taken from my window on Facebook recently: I got lots of comments. “Wow!” “So beautiful!” “I’m jealous!” Now, I appreciate the love, people, but REALLY. You’re jealous?! Of ME?! Come on! You KNOW I’m only showing the niceContinue reading “Winter: Beautiful and Dangerous!”

Learning what COLD really means

It’s winter in Alaska now, and that means it’s getting cold. Of course, I knew that it would get cold. I just didn’t know what cold really WAS, apparently. Because it is really getting cold. Really REALLY cold. I dropped the kids off at school Tuesday and it was only 2 degrees! I took a pictureContinue reading “Learning what COLD really means”