Second Grade Rules of Politeness

Little Girl told me she was not going to pick her nose anymore. I commended this decision, but her brother doubted she could maintain such a resolution. “Well, I’m going to try,” she said. I reminded them that public nose-picking is impolite, but that you can always go to the bathroom and get get a Kleenex if your nose is stuffy.Continue reading “Second Grade Rules of Politeness”

I thought this outfit looked good

Last night I was wearing my new navy shirt with my brown skirt. I thought I looked quite nice as I headed out to go shopping. I forgot what my friend Megan had told me about those being “Wal-Mart-colors.” (I had replied, No they’re not! They are neutrals.”) But there I was in the craft section atContinue reading “I thought this outfit looked good”

I think I’m turning my kids into hoarders

I’ve been extra-vigilant in the past few years about getting rid of extra stuff.  When you move around a lot, you can’t hang on to things. Plus, it’s a trend right now Simplify Your Life and all that. But it seems to have backfired a bit with the twins. They are suddenly afraid I’ll throwContinue reading “I think I’m turning my kids into hoarders”