I tend to be a bit snarky

Often I see inspirational quotes and I feel uninspired and sarcastic. If you’re interested, here’s few links to some examples from the past: “Life is like the ocean” “Don’t pray for an easier life.” On motherhood Robert H Schuller On motherhood again “One day…” Bad advice “You earn your body” Walt Disney “Stop chasing theContinue reading “I tend to be a bit snarky”

Funeral Sandwiches

Otherwise entitled “Putting the FUN in Funeral!” Wait, was that tasteless? Well, these sandwiches aren’t! (See what I did there? What a segue! I really should be in journalism, right?) I saw these sandwiches on Pinterest and immediately remembered eating them when my grandmother would have Ladies’ Parties. Well, I’d eat them after the partyContinue reading “Funeral Sandwiches”