A Conversation Between the Twins

Little Boy: Do you know the name of my best friend at school ? Little Girl: No.  Little Boy: It starts with a D. Duh duh duh… Little Girl: Dominick? Little Boy: No. Duh duh duh… Little Girl: Dustin? Little Boy: No. Duh duh duh… Little Girl: Just tell me.  Little Boy: Dakota.  Little Girl: Okay.  Little Boy: But I don’t think you would likeContinue reading “A Conversation Between the Twins”

This is Why We Don’t Go Shopping Very Often

I took the kids to “Bed Bath and Beyond” because GG (aged 14) wanted to buy a complicated hair straightening tool. I really don’t know why. Me: But you already HAVE a hair straightener. GG; It doesn’t work well enough. Me: And besides, your hair is already straight. GG; It isn’t straight ENOUGH. Me: Whatever.Continue reading “This is Why We Don’t Go Shopping Very Often”

It’s Graduation Season

We recently reached the last days of May, and that means EVERYONE seems to be graduating from something. Last week I attended three separate events marking the end of my kids’ school year. None was particularly exciting. I mean, let’s be honest. Graduation ceremonies are a complete snooze. You sit there listening to the namesContinue reading “It’s Graduation Season”