The cat wants attention

Usually the cat is not interested in me at all, ignoring the fact that I’m the one who feeds him and cleans out his litterbox. He loves his father best.

But then my husband went away for a week and the cat got lonely, following me around and meowing to be petted.

One night while my husband was gone, I was really tired and did not want to pet the cat any more, so I tried to lie still and demonstrate that I was asleep and could not be disturbed.


The cat started at me like a vulture for hours I think, but I persevered. I slept pretty well.

But the next morning  the cat knew just what to do. He went to the desk and sat directly on my Bible and devotional book, knowing I would be pickling it up.

He looked at me triumphantly, seeming to say, “You can’t avoid me now!”


Okay. His father needs to come home. Now.

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