Life Hacks?

Have you seen those “Life Hacks” on pinterest? They give you weird and interesting advice that may or may not work.

Some of them are useful, but many seem to me to be COMPLETELY made up.

Here are some examples of the ones I suspect are fabricated:

Stand out and use blue ink hack

1000 Life Hacks. Doubt it, but pinning it anyways :)

Life Hack #266

Um… exactly how am I supposed to test these? And do I really care?

Here’s one that I actually did test:



The hardest step on this one was finding a vending machine with numbers you could actually press. But I did try it.

Did it work? No.

Did I look like an idiot pressing random numbers while the machine flashed INSERT COIN INSERT COIN INSERT COIN at me? Oh yes indeed.

But I proved that Life Hack was made up!!

Now, I just have to remember to start playing Tetris after my next traumatic event…

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