Those Weight-Loss Ads on Facebook

I’m getting tired of all the weight loss ads in my Facebook news feed. Have you seen these? “What Body Shape are you?” Hmm… Is Jabba the Hutt one of the shapes? I don’t think you people are representing ALL the body types. “The five vegetables that will make you gain weight.” Okay I don’tContinue reading “Those Weight-Loss Ads on Facebook”

Zumba tried to kill me. (But my family didn’t help much either.)

So I went to my first ever Zumba class yesterday. I know, I know. I’m behind the times. Zumba has been popular for the last 10-15 years. But I am slow. A fact that was driven home to me most forcefully during a high-energy exercise class with about fifty women in a mirrored room. I lookedContinue reading “Zumba tried to kill me. (But my family didn’t help much either.)”

A Cautionary Tale

I was at Victoria’s Secret getting my teenage daughters some bras and underwear. (They were quite modest ones. Really.) The twins were running around like crazy people, climbing under the display tables, jumping off pretty padded benches, and screaming “UNDIES!!” at the tops of their lungs. I looked around at all the beautiful airbrushed photosContinue reading “A Cautionary Tale”

My dishwasher has been disabled by ants

Recently I noticed an invasion of ants in my dishwasher. I’ve never seen this before. I thought dishwashers were supposed to be clean! I called an exterminator. He seemed unsurprised. He said dishwasher are a great place for ants to hang out, full of water and tiny bits of food. Ew. He set up poisonContinue reading “My dishwasher has been disabled by ants”

How’s the weather in Hawaii?

The short answer: It’s always almost exactly the same. Every day. All year. In fact, here’s the weather chart from the preschool at church: As you can see, we have TWO weather choices here: Rainy and Sunny. I seem to remember from my own preschool/kindergarten days that our weather chart was an entire WHEEL withContinue reading “How’s the weather in Hawaii?”