Boys and Girls are Different

After so many daughters, having a son is a little surprising sometimes. Apparently boys are different from girls even in illness. Recently both of the twins had a stomach virus. (At separate times, of course. We pass things around over a period of several weeks around here.) Little Girl lay on the couch with aContinue reading “Boys and Girls are Different”

A Valentine’s Dinner Conversation

My husband and I went out to dinner last weekend. Like everyone else on earth, apparently. I thought if we went the day AFTER Valentine’s we would miss the crowd, so we waited until Saturday night. There was over an hour wait for a table, so I guess the crowd was still there. Here’s aContinue reading “A Valentine’s Dinner Conversation”

How do you stuff an Oreo inside a cookie?

Yesterday I made Oreo-stuffed chocolate-chip cookies. Two words: De. Lish. I will put the recipe below, but first of all, to answer the question. How do you get the Oreo INSIDE? Basically you make the cookie dough with extra flour so it holds together well, and mold the cookie dough AROUND the Oreo.   FormContinue reading “How do you stuff an Oreo inside a cookie?”

We have reached 100 days!

Yesterday was the hundredth day of kindergarten and the twins were very excited. We’d finished their projects over the weekend, so I went ahead and sent the display boards in to school on Monday. In Little Girl’s class, her teacher said, “Oh wow! You brought your project a day early! Good job. Why don’t youContinue reading “We have reached 100 days!”