The Police State?

We live on an Army post. Living here is not like living in the civilian world.

In many ways, it’s better. We get to know our neighbors, welcoming newcomers and watching out for each others’  kids. Everyone has something in common, and it really builds community.

But there’s also the downside of all this military togetherness, and that’s the RULES. When everyone knows everyone else’s business, both work and play, breaking rules can get you into big trouble.

The military police (the MP’s) are a big presence on post. NO ONE speeds or runs stop signs here. Really. 

Once an MP stopped me and accused me of talking on my cell phone while driving (15 mph) just because I HAD MY HAND NEAR MY EAR. I had to get out my phone and let him examine my call log to prove my innocence. I’m not making this up.

This is why I’m terrified of the MP’s. Unfortunately I seemed to have passed this fear on to my kids.

Yesterday my five-year old son was riding his new bicycle up and down the sidewalk in front of our house when an MP vehicle pulled onto the street. Little Boy got so nervous at the sight of the police car that he jumped the curb and fell off his bike. Then he just lay there and cried until I picked him up.

He said, “Next time I fly off my bike I want to land in your hands. Run fast and catch me, Mommy.”

(Aw. Poor little guy. Doesn’t he know his mommy can’t run that fast? Or run at all, actually…)

It looks like I need to remember that the police are there “to serve and protect,” and pass THAT message on to the kids. I’ll try…

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