Sisters Reunited Part 2

I mentioned before that my teenage daughters have been expressing their affection for each other by fighting a lot. Here’s an example:

We went out to eat at a nice restaurant with the kids and their grandparents. We had to ride in a small elevator from the parking garage.

It was pretty crowded in the elevator car with all nine of us, but we moved aside as best we could to allow a nice older couple to get in as well.


As the elevator descended, I saw ET pinning GG in a headlock, while GG tried to defend herself by stretching her tongue around to lick ET’s arm.


I gave the pair of them the Mommy Death Stare and hissed, “Stop it!”

Unfortunately, the nice old lady was in my line of sight as I did that. She gave me a terrified look, wondering what she’d done to earn such an angry glare. Her lips parted as if to ask, “Stop what?” 


Behind her my daughters continued to wrestle silently.

Finally the elevator stopped. The old couple shuffled away from us as fast as they could.


I turned to ET and GG, who were giving me their most innocent looks. “We were just playing,” they both insisted.

Tell that to that poor old woman’s pacemaker, I thought.

The moral of the story is: If one day you see this family packed into an elevator car, please…


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