Buttons I wish I had on the GPS

FEATURE #1. This route ain’t gonna fly, cowboy. Give it up. You know how sometimes a certain route has been blocked by a traffic jam, or a closed road, or maybe your ex on a rampage, but your GPS won’t accept that you can’t go that way? It just keeps saying “Recalculating. Make a U-turnContinue reading “Buttons I wish I had on the GPS”

Doing a School Project with Kindergartners Part 2

If you remember, I recently wrote about the twins’ 100th Day project. Here’s an inside look at the making of that project: Me: Okay, so first you choose your paper to cut out. Little Girl: I want this one! Me: Oh that’s pretty. I like the blue flowers Little Boy: I like this one! Boo: You can’tContinue reading “Doing a School Project with Kindergartners Part 2”

Doing a School Project with Kindergartners

The twins have the hundredth day of kindergarten coming up, so they have to make a display of 100 objects to present to the class. This means of course, TWO HUNDRED things for us. I thought it would be fun to make paper flowers. The twins got excited about the idea and we ended upContinue reading “Doing a School Project with Kindergartners”

Things I tried to do over Christmas break

If you are familiar with Star Wars quotes, you know what Yoda says about “trying.” Well Yoda, I beg to differ. Sometimes, especially as  a mom, all you CAN do is try. Here are some things I tried to do recently, with varying degrees of success: I tried to have a telephone conversation while allContinue reading “Things I tried to do over Christmas break”

The Doll No One Wants

My neighbor’s little girl got a Bratz doll for Christmas. Unfortunately, her daughter is not allowed to play with Bratz dolls. You can look at the dolls and see why. I mean, if you thought Barbies were sexist, check these girls out!  Ewwwww…. Anyways, my neighbor knows I’m more liberal in the toy department thanContinue reading “The Doll No One Wants”