That Bucket-Filling Tip

I keep seeing this tip on pinterest for filling big buckets.


I finally decided to try it. Here;s the setup.


The first problem I noticed is that my dustpan has a hole in the handle (for hanging it up).

In fact, I believe every dustpan I’ve ever seen has a hole in the handle. 

Anyways, I switched on the water to try it.


It turned out the water just filled the dustpan and flowed backwards onto the back of the sink instead of out through the handle. This is due to the fact that my sink is not sloped downwards.

I’ll bet no one else’s sink is sloped downwards is either. Because the point of a sink is to HOLD WATER IN, not dump it on the floor.

So I tried to figure out how to prop the dustpan up so that IT would slope downwards.

I jammed a plastic cup under the dustpan and tried turning on the water again.

Surprise! This actually worked.


So the verdict is: This tip works, with some minor modification, but I think it’s more effort than really necessary.

4 thoughts on “That Bucket-Filling Tip

  1. You may or may not believe me, but I took the original photo back in 2011. The photo was taken at a newly-opened piano store in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our floors needed mopping, but this was our only sink at the time. It appears to me that your difficulty in replicating this trick has to do with a difference between our two dustpans. My dustpan had a slope, presumably to make collecting dust easier, while yours appears to be a flat design. My dustpan also did not have a hole, as it was the type which clipped on to the broom it was sold with as a set.

    In any case, it’s great to discover that my silly little idea has spread so far and wide, such that others have duplicated it.


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